This classic royal icing is perfect for flooding and outlining your sugar cookie…

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This classic royal icing is perfect for flooding and outlining your sugar cookies from my last post! It’s easy to work with, sets quickly and has a delicious taste!💚

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Royal Icing

* 4 c. powdered sugar
* 3 Tbsp Meringue powder
* 9-10 Tbsp water room temperature
* Gel Food Coloring optional

Add the powdered sugar to a large mixing bowl attached to your stand mixer, as well as the meringue powder and stir a little to mix.
Using your wire whip, turn on your stand mixer on a low speed and slowly add the water. As the powder subsides you can turn up the speed to medium.
Whip the mixture well for about 7-10 minutes, until you start to see tips forming.
Check the consistency of the icing. If it falls off the wire whip and melts back into the bowl of icing within 5-10 seconds then it’s perfect.
Cover the bowl tightly with plastic wrap until you are ready to use it.
Take a piping bag and a number three tip and place into a tall glass, folding the edges over the outside of the glass. This is the easiest way to fill up an icing bag with less mess.
Use a rubber band to tie the top of the icing bag. Place a piece of wet paper towel in the bottom of the glass, this will help the tip stay moist while you are working.
If you are using other colors, pour a little of the remaining icing into a small bowl and mix in a little of the food color until you reach the desired color.
If your cookies have a white background, which most of mine did (in the images), use the piping bag to pipe the icing around the outside edges, and then fill the middle. Use a toothpick to spread the icing evenly.

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